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Hangman, we played rubber soul with a razor blade
Behind the church, hiding place,
It was a long joke 'til the punch line came.
Can you read my mind, read my mind
Follow along to the end of the song

Hangman, we played double dutch with a hand grenade
Behind the church, hiding place.
Apathetic to the devil's face.
Wear the sheriff's badge put your toys away
They let us go saying let us pray

Hangman, we played hide and seek on the fire escape
Through the smoke we saw the flame
It was a long wait 'til the firetruck came
On the count of three
Jump with me on the count of three
One two one two three go!

Hangman, we played blind man's bluff with the ninth brigade
Throw the brick through the windowpane,
Double dutch 'til they stop the game,
'Til the cops show up, hand cuff stunned
They let us go but we lost one

Hangman ,we played blind man's bluff 'til they stopped the game
Youth without youth, born without time,
Youth without youth, can you read my mind?

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