Oh Sullivan John, to the road you've gone, far away from your native home. 
You've gone with the tinker's daughter, for along the road to roam. 
Ah Sullivan's John you won't stick it long, till your belly will soon get slack, 
As you roam the road with a mighty load, and a tooten box on your back. 

I met Katy Caffey and a neat baby all behind on her back strapped on, 
She had an old ash plant all in her hands, for to drive her donkey on
Enquiring every farmer`s house, as along the road she passed, 
Oh where would she get an old pot to mend, and where would she get an ass. 

  There's a hairy ass fair in the County Clare. in a place they call Spancel Hill, 
Where my brother James got a rap of a hames, and poor Paddy they tried to kill. 
They loaded him up in an ass and cart, for along the road to go, 
Oh bad luck to the day that I went away, to join with the tinker`s band. 

Anne Briggs

Anne Patricia Briggs (born 29 September 1944) is an English folk singer. Although she travelled widely in the 1960s and early 1970s, appearing at folk clubs and venues in England and Ireland, she never aspired to commercial success or to achieve widespread public acknowledgment of her music. However, she was an influential figure in the English folk music revival, being a source of songs and musical inspiration for others such as A. L. Lloyd, Bert Jansch, Jimmy Page, The Watersons, June Tabor, Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson and Maddy Prior.


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